[development] Wasting time and effort

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Mon Mar 9 19:55:26 UTC 2009

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:53:32 -0500
Michael Favia <michael at favias.org> wrote:

> and get to work (myself included). If you don't know how and want
> to learn how just ask in channel and I'll be happy to help you
> personally. -mf

I'd like to know how.
I've tons of questions that will make my work better, faster and
more drupal friendly.

I'm coding and I would like to be able to just concentrate on coding.
But I'm not coding in the hyperuranium, we are coding for a project
in a community.

Is really IRC the best place where to share this knowledge?

I just guess there are thousands way to get more productive in the
"drupal environment".

I'm still catching up while I'm making my mammoth module ready for
public consumption. It finally saw the light 3-4 weeks ago (in
production on 2 websites) but for a long series of reasons it's not
ready for public consumption and I'm scared there are so many things
to clean up to make it of "general" use that I won't be able to catch
up with the community changes once put it in public consumption.

One thing is writing your own stuff for your own itch, one thing is
being productive inside a community project.

I've been lucky enough I ran in very few problems in drupal code.
I'm on the old stable and I reported the few glitches I came across
sometimes with snippet of code.

Other than IRC is there a place where to learn how to set up a
development and testing environment?
How do you guys:
- check out HEAD, install it, test a patch or write one
- how to work with [dvcs] and drupal csv?
- how to monitor commit to core?
- how to maintain dev, staging and production?
- etc...

There are docs on this kind of topic but I think people are running
much more functional infrastructure for their development.

I'd say this kind of topics should be discussed on a ml and then
find their way in the docs.
The advantage over IRC is you can keep up, there is an archive on
which you can distil the documentation to push to drupal.org and
while no one find the time to distil docs you can still make the
discussion searchable through google.

Michael your offer was very appreciated. I'll try at least to lurk
on IRC more.

[BTW] sorry for the previous badly trimmed post. I was supposed to
'save to draft' and re-edit later... but my finger slip.
I wasn't even sure it was meant to be sent.

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo

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