[development] Wasting time and effort - Here's a productive suggestion instead

Dan Morrison dan at coders.co.nz
Tue Mar 10 00:08:20 UTC 2009

I tried to post this into the thread earlier, but I may have been  
blanked due to using a different email (? I only use the digest)
Anyway ...
Re Suns suggestion earlier about a review period - I proposed the same  
a long while ago.
[A suggestion for reducing new-duplicated modules : require RFC or  
statement of intent posting]

PLEASE Look at that thread and you will see many others also against  
*enforcement* ( = manpower & acrimony) but for a generally useful  
community-based process. Note, not a "core developer" gatekeeper team,  
but better visibility and feedback loop to resolve dupes.
It got to the 'nice idea' stage, but no further.

Everyone is welcome to review duplicates over in the  [Duplicated  
Modules hall of shame]
where these issues are acknowleged, and hopefully being worked  
towards. Please see the wording of the statement of intent over there.

I'd like to keep out of this debate, which is not succeeding in  
convincing either Marcel or everyone else, but :
> Well it's not that my proposal is totally unrealistic. Only because no
> one is supporting it does it become so. Would Dries or Angela have
> proposed it, everybody and his dog would be up in flames of enthusiasm
> and surely consider it the right way to go.

It could be that everyone disagrees with it because they think it's a  
bad idea.

If one person says doing something is a stupid idea, they may just be  
being mean or not have had their coffee yet.

If three random people say it's a stupid idea, maybe they're ganging  
up on you. (you could consider what seemed to prompt that)

If half a dozen long-time developers, each who have seen this or  
similar suggestions several times before, try to explain at length  
exactly why a certain approach isn't such a practical idea, consider  
the possibility that they may know what they are talking about.

If the whole world disagrees with you, you may be the messiah, but  
you're probably just wrong about this one thing.

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