[development] Wasting time and effort - Here's a productive suggestion instead

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Tue Mar 10 02:37:47 UTC 2009

> PLEASE Look at that thread and you will see many others also against
> *enforcement* ( = manpower & acrimony) but for a generally useful
> community-based process.
So enforcement of coding style and not breaking tests is too large of 
a price to pay, now i see.

> Note, not a "core developer" gatekeeper team,
Even after me going to lengths doing 20 or so postings to explain and 
reason what i have in mind, it's amazing people still misunderstand 
what i propose. Is it me or them.

> but better visibility and feedback loop to resolve dupes.
Frigging exactly what i proposed.

> It got to the 'nice idea' stage, but no further.
Well fine, that means any future attempt is doomed to fail, thus 
status quo is stuck and bound to stay. Why does that make me wonder 
what sort of device would be required for making a human being to 
constructively try to understand someone else's perspective and 
subsequently reconsider their own position.

> Everyone is welcome to review duplicates over in the [Duplicated Modules
> hall of shame]
> where these issues are acknowleged, and hopefully being worked towards.
Well i have no clue what IS going on with the various notification and 
poll module incarnations. But if we all hope strongly enough, their 
developers surely will jump over their shadows and team up all by 

> I'd like to keep out of this debate, which is not succeeding in
> convincing either Marcel or everyone else, but :
By good rational argument i will be convinced. Feed me :O

> If one person says doing something is a stupid idea, they may just be
> being mean or not have had their coffee yet.
> If three random people say it's a stupid idea, maybe they're ganging up
> on you. (you could consider what seemed to prompt that)
> If half a dozen long-time developers, each who have seen this or similar
> suggestions several times before,
This or similar suggestions - well frankly i posted a detailed 
proposal how exactly a process like this could look like. And sorry, 
in the year i've been on this list, i have not noticed any similar 
proposal (and i just looked again).
Furthermore, every situation is unique, and when circumstances 
changes, old arguments sometimes get invalidated. Which means a clever 
person constantly reconsiders and adapts his opinion to reality 

> try to explain *at length* exactly why
> a certain approach isn't such a practical idea,
Yeah like 'dont like it because it sux'

> consider the possibility
> that they may know what they are talking about.
Well i am very well considering it, and trust me i'd not have gone on 
on it in lengths if any compelling argument would have been brought up.
Oh and btw, out of a million people asked, how many would have 
considered men ever flying to the moon possible 500 years ago? Times 
change, so do eternal truths.

> If the whole world disagrees with you, you may be the messiah, but
> you're probably just wrong about this one thing.
Well can one be right in that case without being the messiah? because 
that'd be pretty large shoes to fill..
btw abundant opposition happened before in history to non-messiah 
people which were more right than wrong.


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