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Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Mar 10 22:45:44 UTC 2009

Morbus, what's your hourly rate on continuing DTL? I am dead serious. And DTL seal would apply only to a given release. I am pretty sure we can get people to actually pay for that. And you know what? I would not say no to a buck or two either. And finally, I am happy to split 30-70, as I know I work less on this project.

> > spectrum. So maybe we need a way to call out "Drupal Seal of Approval"
> > on the "Good" ones (sort of like Nintendo games) In fact, let's do
> > that and charge $150 or something to get reviewed for the seal. Plenty
> > of trusted devs will vet a module for $150.
> To some degree, chx and I already started that with DrupalToughLove.com. 
> I've entertained the thought of a seal in the past but, unlike video 
> games, one can fix a module to get the seal, then seep back into 
> absolute suckitude. It's not a fair or continued assessment.
> And we didn't take any money for it (though, my utter lack of time 
> devoted, in turn, to paying things, is what killed the project).
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