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Sebastian Nerz s.nerz at orestes-sol.com
Thu Mar 12 10:46:19 UTC 2009

I can only say that I agreed heartily to this response:

As If Productions schrieb:
> Ditto.  In fact I appreciate it.  It's finding the one you need that is 
> the problem.  The way I see it, this problem requires a 
> taxonomical/navigational solution, not a paradigm shift in methodology.  
> It would have to be an ongoing task/project in its own right, but IMHO 
> it's one that could easily be supported by less-than-hardcore developers.
> TF

I apologize for shamelessly promoting my one proposal over the 
mailinglist, but actually, I believe that use-cases (see my proposal at 
http://drupal.org/node/397280 ) could - together with a nice searching 
solution - solve this problem.
Because use-cases would present a "you want this, you need that"-way of 
viewing modules, not some "I give you xyz" like modules do.

And use-cases could be moderated/developed by "use-case-developers" not 
"module-developers". Why is this an advantage?  A use-case-developer 
would need to think more like a designer then like a developer.
And every developer likes *his* way of developing (for sometimes very 
good reasons). The result is, that we have multiple modules solving the 
same problem (in different ways). Thats wonderful! It's allows for 
evolution of modules (evolution never works with just one set, you need 

Nevertheless: Use-cases could select *one* of those modules/combinations 
and promote it. When (someday) another module is better, use-cases could 
change. Perhaps there are multiple use-cases solving a given problem. So 
what? As long as they present nice "what you get"/"when to choose this 
use-case" its still easier to decide..

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