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Thu Mar 12 15:02:09 UTC 2009


I totally agree with Ivan Sergio Borgonovo, As If Productions, and some
others on this issue. Duplication is not such a problem; it is the lack of
useful categorization (module relation, similarity) and lack of efficient
searching that leads to time wasting.

1) I used to use the long page with all modules and search using CTRL+F in
it. That kind of worked for me - I could find related modules, and then read
about them in tabs. But since the long page is broken by pagination, I am
lost. The categories are unhelpful, as is the module search tool. Most of
the time I find related modules by Google site search, but that's
inefficient as well.
Hence: let's aim for better categorization (by maintainers AND the module
users), without limiting the tag count, and for a high-quality search (maybe
autocomplete would be helpful).

2) Duplication means diversity and that means evolution. Even if it hurts
and takes time, I am sure it is the best. In the process of testing
prospective modules, we often discover exciting facets of them, and by
communicating with maintainers we may help some of the projects flourish in
unexpected directions. I would never trust any approval seals. Even download
counts are more useful than any seal, IMHO.
(I am imagining a large ToughGraph or suchlike map of Drupal modules, with
all sorts of groupings and color-coded relations, with explanations on
mouse-touch, etc., that might be lovely for the module jungle exploration!)


Tomáš (vacilando)

Tomáš J. Fülöpp
Tomi at vacilando.org

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 14:41, As If Productions <
everyone at asifproductions.com> wrote:

> At 05:45 AM 3/11/2009, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
>> What I'd find useful would be
>> - better categorisation system and better search system on categories
> Big +1 on that.
>  - a flag to check if a module provides an API or is just an application
>> - an activity index (average lines of code changed/time)
>> - a issue queue index
> Regular +1 on those.
>  Maybe we could let people (other than the maintainers) to "categorise" the
>> project.
> Best idea I've heard yet.  Ivan, I want to have a beer with you.
>  I really don't see duplication as a problem.
> Ditto.  In fact I appreciate it.  It's finding the one you need that is the
> problem.  The way I see it, this problem requires a taxonomical/navigational
> solution, not a paradigm shift in methodology.  It would have to be an
> ongoing task/project in its own right, but IMHO it's one that could easily
> be supported by less-than-hardcore developers.
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