[development] An alternative to common thinking in 5- > 6migration

robert crowther r.crowther at zen.co.uk
Thu Mar 12 15:44:34 UTC 2009

And after Earl, how about a voice from the small fry?

I had an idea for a module. That was half a year ago now. I knew nothing
about Drupal and PHP. I don't even know about how programming culture

After a helpful comment on dev (so how about being kind to frustrated
people who stumble onto here?) I got going. My module is low profile
because I want it to be. It's not ready for the big time. It is proof of
concept. I try to make it clear to anyone who stumbles onto the work
just what it can and can not do.

This story works both ways, I guess. I'm exactly the kind of person some
people would like to clear out. And other people would like to
encourage, in the hope that 1 in 9 of the efforts might hit something

Following David Meltzer yesterday, who sees a couple of basic arguments
on separate threads.... I don't have time to read through all of this,

There is another way of avoiding duplicates, besides review. If the
cataloguing was good, you'd see the duplicates fast. And if cataloguing
was good, you get minor efforts, such as my own, further down the pile.

When I started my module, I searched Drupal modules and came up with 9 -
12 other modules, all in separate places. It took me hours. Not an
adverse criticism folks, I'd rather contrib was big than small. And I'm
another person who will not be applying myself to this right now (though
there is a thought).

Me, I'd rather make suggestions


Now that is a search facility I like.


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