[development] grepping for relevant functions/lines

Maggi Federico federico.maggi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 05:21:32 UTC 2009

Hello List,
	I am new to Drupal and new to this list.

For research purposes, I am surveying code repositories of the top 10  
web applications using a modified version of StatSVN.

Basically, I need to track source changes, over releases, in terms of  
"Lines of Code (LOC) matching a certain regexp".

The functions/lines I am interested in are those somehow involved in  
handling HTTP request/session/response parameters. Of course, I allow  
a certain roughness in the analysis.

I am trying to build a list of such functions/lines. What would you  
suggest to include? What would you grep for if you want to estimate  
the functions that are, even indirectly, related to processing of HTTP  

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers,

-- Federico

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