[development] Announcing DRUPAL-7-0-UNSTABLE-6

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Fri Mar 20 12:13:35 UTC 2009

>> - The new database system (DBTNG) now supports pager and tablesort  
>> queries via "extenders," which means that we can now work on  
>> converting pretty much all of Drupal core queries to DBTNG. Feel  
>> free to pick off an issue from http://drupal.org/project/issues/3060/term/131 
>>  if you'd like to get a head start on learning this essential part  
>> of Drupal.
> Can these extenders be used to make pagers that *DON'T* do a pager  
> query, but just go to the next chunk until there isn't any? The reason  
> I ask is that the current pager system barfs with millions of nodes.  
> Queries like "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM node WHERE status = 1 AND promoted  
> = 1" take enormous amounts of time to execute with millions of nodes,  
> but are a part of every q=node front page. There are other examples.

I've a pet peeve annoyance on pagers too: can they work without database 
queries yet? ;) About a dozen times over the years, I've had a need to 
use pagers, but couldn't becauase it wasn't a single query (or, worse, 
it was the result of a hook call, where there was no database activity 
going on at all...)

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