[development] Process and technology questionnaire

Andrew Berry andrewberry at sentex.net
Tue Mar 31 13:37:00 UTC 2009

On 31-Mar-09, at 8:53 AM, Florian Thiel wrote:

> I'm in the process of writing my diploma thesis on the prevention of
> web application security vulnerabilities and I'd like to know a bit
> about your fine project from the developer's view.

Most of these questions can easily be answered between api.drupal.org, http://drupal.org/handbooks 
, http://drupal.org/writing-secure-code, and inspecting the Drupal  
source. If you want to see where the project is going, versus where  
the code is today in the stable release, focus your search on Drupal 7  
(HEAD in CVS).

Good luck!
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