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Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue May 5 21:53:02 UTC 2009

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Bertrand Mansion schrieb:
> On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 10:55 PM, Earl Miles <merlin at logrus.com> wrote:
>> Bertrand Mansion wrote:
>>> Actually, "views" are inside the database:
>>> http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/Introduction_to_CouchDB_views
>>> For example, the Views module would create views in the database
>>> directly, instead of storing SQL queries in a table and executing them
>>> later. That's more logical.
>> That's only more logical if you don't actually know what Views does. Views
>> SQL is not generated ahead of time and then just run on demand, it is
>> created as needed based upon the data available. Quite an amount of that
>> data can change at runtime.
> Yes, it is more logical to have views inside the database, because it
> is a database feature, than to store chunks of SQL and serialized PHP
> in a database table... I guess you haven't thought about what you
> posted before you posted it.
> Obviously, it is an habit for people to be insulting here.

I so wish I was the list admin, I'd kick you. Since I am not, I'll just
filter you.

Good riddance,
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