[development] Issue queue links from project pages?

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Fri May 8 00:58:55 UTC 2009

On May 7, 2009, at 11:46 AM, As If Productions wrote:

> Meanwhile, if you want to talk about wasted space, listing the  
> "Latest 5 Issues" is useless to anyone except the module maintainers.

Blocks like this are a key part of Mark + Leisa's design for the new  
site.  The principle (as I understand it) is "show the huge range of  
stuff happening".  Again, I defer to their expertise in these areas.   
I have lots of opinions about UX and UI, but ultimately, there're all  
based on speculation and my own feelings/intuition, not user testing  
or other quantifiable methods.

Also, I reject the notion that the 5 most recent issues are  
"useless".  It's possible it'll help people avoid duplicates.  Or, if  
3 of the top five issues have titles like "Fatal error when upgrading  
to 6.x-2.5" that might give you a hint to think twice before upgrading  
to 6.x-2.5 when you're staring at that "recommended" release. ;)

Certainly, I think the 5 most recent issues is far more useful when  
looking at a project node than "patch bingo" links. :(  I'd love to  
remove the contributor + developer blocks on project/*, but the last  
time I did that (on the issue queue pages themselves), there was a  
howl and outcry.  So, I'll just wait for the initial redesign  
deployment to finally kill those blocks from "my" part of the site. ;)

-Derek (dww)

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