[development] 5.x to 6.x migration timeline, best practices, tips

Mark Shropshire mdshrops at shropnet.net
Mon May 18 12:37:05 UTC 2009


Thanks for the instructions on this. You included the step of going to  
5.0 first, then the latest 5.x. I always wondered if this was necessary.


> Here is what I did to move from 4.7.3 to 6.10: http://for-my-kids.com/Upgrading-Drupal 
> .
> Be sure to move the contrib modules directory out of the Drupal tree  
> while upgrading the core modules.  Others have already mentioned  
> coder and deadwood modules.  When using deadwood, take the resulting  
> module as a report of what needs to be done manually; there is a lot  
> left to the user but most of it is documented in the resulting source.
> --
> Earnie
> -- http://r-feed.com/           -- http://for-my-kids.com/
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