[development] 5.x to 6.x migration timeline, best practices, tips

Andrew Berry andrewberry at sentex.net
Mon May 18 18:25:58 UTC 2009

On 18-May-09, at 8:37 AM, Mark Shropshire wrote:

> Thanks for the instructions on this. You included the step of going  
> to 5.0 first, then the latest 5.x. I always wondered if this was  
> necessary.

AFAIK it shouldn't be; Earnie, can you explain why you did it that way?

> My guess was at least 100 hours to upgrade to 5.18, migrate to 6.12

The vast majority of that should be in the 5-6 migration; upgrading  
from 5.5 to 5.18 should be pretty trivial, assuming the site was built  
without too many core hacks.

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