[development] 5.x to 6.x migration timeline, best practices, tips

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Mon May 18 20:39:15 UTC 2009

T L wrote:
> On the 7k, it's one of those things where they were like 
> "yeah...you're gonna want to take care of that at some point."  I was 
> hoping to upgrade first and then remove some of the code either 
> through core functionality or improved contribs--views 2 for example 
> :).  Expect another dev mailing list request in a couple of months on 
> how to refactor monster modules.
The jump from Views to Views2 has the potential to save you many lines 
of code. The simple reality of how relationships work in Views2 can save 
you hours.

Two other thing you should look at:

1. How much, if any, markup/php is contained within custom blocks or 
node bodies?
2. How is the theme structured?

Both of these areas can provide ways to become more efficient upon 
upgrade, and additional complexity in these areas can complicate the 




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