[development] Status update: WYSIWYG support in Drupal core

KOBA | Hans Rossel hans.rossel at koba.be
Sat May 23 09:33:39 UTC 2009

I agree with the fact that developers don't need a WYSIWYG editor. Writing
code is easy and html is easiest of all. So its logical most developers are
against WYSIWYG  editors. They are not needed for them and above that
pollute the code.
But even if you write fluiently html, adding a big piece of content with
headers, lists, tables is really a lot more work without a WYSIWYG editor.
Certainly for people that are not used to write code. For them one of the
advantages of using a CMS is that you don't have to learn html to add

I feel when there will be a discussion among developers whether or not to
have a WYSIWYG editor, there will be of course consensus that there should
not be one as its not good for the code. But developers are not the ones
that add the content to a site, ask the people that add the content what
they prefer.


2009/5/23 Arancaytar Ilyaran <arancaytar.ilyaran at gmail.com>

> I feel that the very concept of WYSIWYG editors does great damage to
> user experience - ultimately, learning to emphasize like *this* or
> /this/ or even [i]this[/i] will be less frustrating than clicking
> buttons that don't quite do what you want.
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