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Caleb O'Connell caleb at caleboconnell.com
Thu May 28 03:28:14 UTC 2009

I am looking to get info about the cck module in drupal.  I've been trying to write a 
cck module that will basically do the exact same as nodereference but with two free 
entry text fields to go along with it.  Basically, one field to be the noderef lookup 
and two to add prices to associate to the referred field.  I wasn't sure who I could 
get in touch with in the cck development who is familiar with this so I can ask some 
questions about where to put the code I want in place to make the custom module I was 
looking for.  Thanks again in advance.

-- Caleb Dylan O'Connell
-- caleb at caleboconnell.com
-- 207.319.4746
-- http://blog.caleboconnell.com
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