[development] CVS Approval Policy: was Re: new features in D6 core?

Pierre Rineau pierre.rineau at makina-corpus.com
Wed Nov 18 12:23:32 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 14:08 +0200, Ashraf Amayreh wrote:
> I suddenly got this (perhaps silly) idea of only allowing a CVS owner
> to create one project and require approval by posting to the DEV list
> when wishing to create another project rather than making this open
> for all CVS owners. This would definitely help with the repetition
> problem and module boom.
> Posting to the DEV list should at least give other module developers
> and people interested the opportunity to object to, agree or suggest
> alternatives to the proposed module rather than suddenly finding a
> useless/repetitive module springing up here and there because the
> developer didn't know another one existed.
> Suggestions? Flames? Thoughts?

FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! Repetitive modules are good, they always have
subtile differences!

Please, project owners, do describe why your module is unique on your
project page!


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