[development] Content Specific Modules for Small Constituencies, Are they Kosher?

Shai Gluskin shai at content2zero.com
Thu Nov 19 04:11:11 UTC 2009

I'm thinking of creating a very simple module. All it would do is install a
particular vocabulary on your site which has about 50 terms (I'll give the
specific example further below).

So I went to the modules directory and looked through the taxonomy
category... looked at all 228 modules, and didn't find one which installed
terms from a specific knowledge realm. I expected there to be some
taxonomies from the realms of biology or other sciences; nothing.

Thinking outside of "taxonomy" I remembered the weather module, which has
500K of data listing standard weather stations worldwide. And then the
location module which has about 2mb of specific data on places.

Now to my example... Jews study portions of the Torah (the first five books
of the Bible) on a set calendar. The Torah is broken into 54 set portions;
each of those portions has a name. It's traditional for clergy and lay
leaders to give sermons or teachings related to the current portion of the
week. For sites that post material relevant to the Torah portion, being able
to easily install such a vocabulary populated with all the terms would be a
nice convenience for them.

My rough estimate is that there are about 50 synagogues currently using
Drupal and probably another 150 Jewish organizations. The number is growing
quickly, yet this is still a small number.

So my question is... does the Drupal modules repository welcome such a
targeted module with a small potential user-group with content that is
specific and contains no generalizable functionality? My assumption had
"yes." But seeing that others haven't created similar modules for specific
vocabularies... makes me wonder.

What say you?

> Shai
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