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Josh Miller JoshM at haanmc.com
Thu Nov 19 15:02:48 UTC 2009



Here's another reason to move things into a folder called "core": People
install this on a webserver, and while it makes sense that only Drupal
would be installed on there, it most likely is not the only player. It
can feel like a spaghetti bowl knot when dealing with over 10 different
core folders that are named unambiguous things like "includes" and

Perhaps we need to rename "sites" to be "config" -- to me that instantly
separates the configuration and confusion of using "core/modules."

Besides, think of how well we've *already* documented "don't hack core."




If we move sites/all/modules to /modules people are never going to
realize they can do sites/mysite.com/modules. Then it doesn't also fit
into the standard paths for other things like sites/all/libraries and
sites/all/images, etc. In all honesty people are going to not read
documentation and hunt for where to install their modules. People will
still find /core/modules and put contrib modules there anyway. How this
is solved is via the new module install interface in D7 and being able
to select modules to include when downloading from drupal.org so it
automatically packages things correctly.

Dave Reid
dave at davereid.net

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