[development] Drupal way of doing onchange

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 22 21:59:25 UTC 2009

FYI if you do the 'onChange' and have your site set to XHTML strict it 
won't work. Change it to 'onchange' and you'll be fine. I see a lot of 
people get caught by that one.

Jamie Holly

Greg Holsclaw wrote:
> A quick way to do this is to use the attributes as you mentioned. Any HTML
> attribute can be added into the attributes array as follows:
>   $form['cc'] = array (
>     ...
>     '#attributes' => array(
> 	'onChange' => "some_js_funtion();"
> 	),
> 	...
> You can include Jquery directly there instead of the function if you simply
> need to hide a div, or you can use:
> drupal_add_js(path_to_file);
> Of course, from a JavaScript purists mindset, you should attach all the
> event handlings later, but that is a completely different topic.
> If you have a callback to get more information from a menu callback, then
> AHAH or CTOOLs is definitely the way to go, but for simpler affects this way
> might be sufficient.
> Greg
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> Haven't delved into AHAH yet, this might force the issue.
> Using an easy (=less typing) example. A credit card form. When the 
> credit card type is selected from a select, the selection needs to fire 
> a javascript function that will disable fields that don't apply to that 
> card type (such as CVV).
> Normally, I would have an onchange event for the select, and noticed 
> that in the form api, while there is an attribute section to add 
> miscellaneous attributes, the doc doesn't mention events as examples. 
> And if putting an event there is legitimate, there isn't a mention of 
> how to include the responding js function in the form.
> If AHAH is the way I'm supposed to handle this, I'd appreciate being 
> pointed to a good similar example, because I'm a bit unclear from the 
> AHAH entries in the form reference docs, for example, how to relate the 
> myhandler/js entry to a physical location of the function, and how the 
> function gets there.
> Thanks!

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