[development] new dev q: are mysql queries possible within drupal?

Alfonso Montero López amontero at tinet.fut.es
Tue Nov 24 22:08:46 UTC 2009

2009/11/19  <development-request at drupal.org>:
>>> Thanks to everyone that replied.
>>> To summarise then:
>>>  1)  I need to make a custom module.
>>>  2) The module should have a block for displaying the query and a menu
>>> hook
>>>  3) I can add the module to either primary links or navigation as a menu
>>> item
>>>  4) Rendered HTML using mysql commands is quite straight forward
>>>  5) The tables being queried are easier to access within the main drupal
>>> d/b but i can use a different db
>>> Regarding a different db, does this command:
>>> db_set_active('customerdb');
>>> make *all* db queries go through customerdb or just the ones for my
>>> module?
>>> ie will drupal have any issues accessing the data it needs from say
>>> "drupaldb" if I dont change
>>> the active db back again?

Maybe Table Wizard (http://drupal.org/project/tw) module can help you
to do it, also. In the docs there's info about querying external db's.
Then you will be able to views-enable any table and from this on, you
can do all sort of things, if I understood you well.


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