[development] Getting SVN to deal with orphaned and new files

Shai Gluskin shai at content2zero.com
Tue Nov 24 23:19:04 UTC 2009

I get modules from d.o. from CVS, then I commit them to my own  
repository with SVN.

When updating modules I've doing SVN del, CVS co, SVN add instead of  
simply CVS up because of orphaned and new files. SVN freaks out over  
orphans and the new files are just a pain since you need to SVN add  
for each one.

But I just installed Drush and I'm so excited about making all this  
easy. So I'm motivated to finally ask for help around this.

So if you commit CVS versions of contrib to SVN, what is your method  
for dealing with orphans and new files?



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