[development] Distributed Pairprogramming for Drupal

Eike Starkmann eike.starkmann at fu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 19 10:36:05 UTC 2009

Michael Favia wrote:
> On 10/15/2009 08:14 AM, Eike Starkmann wrote:
>> Robert Douglass wrote:
>>> Eike, this sounds pretty neat. Thanks for brining it to our attention.
>>> It would also be a good tool for training and consulting, where you
>>> could save a trip to the customer's office and work with them on code
>>> directly.
>> Thank you. I also thought of the scope that you can introduce newcomers
>>   to an Open Source Project more easily, by giving him/her a short code
>> tour with Saros. But this is just my thinking, since I don't know if
>> somebody has done this. What do you think?
> This is exactly what i find myself doing with my developers that are new
> to the "drupal way" I plan on installing this today and integrating it
> into my eclipse workflow for a test run. Thanks for bringing it to my
> attention. Its a novel solution to an old problem of communicating via
> line numbers :). -mf
Thanks for testing it, would be great if you can keep me up to date and
give me some feedback.

Greets, Eike

Eike Starkmann
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