[development] Page-flip Module?

Emma Irwin emma.irwin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 03:54:29 UTC 2009


I am looking at a way to convert PDF documents to a page-flip style of
display.  I've spent a bunch of time looking at this.

* I found an open source sample :*

*A Drupal conversation on page-flip *that seemed to indicate developers are
talking about this but that we aren't there yet...

*And then a paid piece of software currently with a WordPress plugin.*(this
one is beautiful, and I want to write a module for it )

I am leaning towards writing a Drupal module with #1 (open source), but
wondering if there were  any other mummerings in the community about page
flip ?  Any advice or pointers that might help me focus on what has been
done and what needs to be done.


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