[development] re CVS requirements

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Wed Oct 28 19:13:58 UTC 2009

> An overabundance of modules with overlapping functionalities 
> is not a CVS problem, it's a module/project parsing and 
> rating problem, something that DrupalModules.com helps 
> address and what the D.o redesign is also intended to address.
> A friendly policy would be to first make it easy peasy to get 
> people involved and excited about contributing their own itch 
> they scratched, and then get them involved in collaborations 
> and consolidations. After all, much of what ends up being 
> overlapping functionality is because the developer had a 
> project that needed X and did not have the time or resources 
> to try to get Y to change to solve his/her use case. I feel 
> we should let that developer serve his/her client and 
> contribute what was done, and let improvements and 
> consolidations happen within the community.

I disagree.

- We want healthy stuff in contrib, because everything else is cruft.

- We want working stuff in contrib, because users already have very hard
times to find proper, working stuff.

- We want to encourage people to join forces with others, because that is
what the overall success of the Drupal community and the Drupal product
boils down to.


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