[development] re CVS requirements

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Wed Oct 28 19:21:37 UTC 2009

> I disagree.
> - We want healthy stuff in contrib, because everything else is cruft.
> - We want working stuff in contrib, because users already have very hard
> times to find proper, working stuff.
> - We want to encourage people to join forces with others, because that is
> what the overall success of the Drupal community and the Drupal product
> boils down to.
> sun
So what is the mechanism for joining forces and beefing up an initial 
pre-release module before the module is even listed? Where is the 
community location to do that? Also, with it not being listed as a 
module -until- all that is done, is the reward working on it for 2, 3, 4 
months and then seeing someone else list their module which does the 
same thing 5 days before yours is 'satisfactory' ?

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