[development] re CVS requirements

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Wed Oct 28 19:36:26 UTC 2009

On 10/28/2009 02:21 PM, Jeff Greenberg wrote:
> So what is the mechanism for joining forces and beefing up an initial 
> pre-release module before the module is even listed? Where is the 
> community location to do that? 
In the past the stronger parts of the development community have been 
small enough and tight-knit enough to collaborate in IRC and through 
this list. As drupal grows and our interests and backgrounds diverge, 
this just isnt the case anymore. I agree we should allow people to 
contribute these modules no matter how trivial or poorly written. These 
modules would serve as a place to begin cooporative efforts and provide 
all the mechanisms we would be reinventing in a GDO group or elsewhere 
(issue lists, releases, VCS, etc).

I also agree that we dont want normal folks stumbling over these modules 
because they provide little value to most people and add a lot of 
distraction from the real valuable modules (views, cck, image*, token, 
pathauto, ubercart, etc) that everyone needs but has trouble finding 
because there is already too much cruft displayed by default.

Id like to suggest implementing either a "featured" flag and defaulting 
the normal modules pages to that flag or allowing developer a self 
imposed "hide by default" flag. Alternatively we could let users filter 
by the number of installations reported and defualt the project page to 
a reasonable number like 50.

Its ok to make harder things slightly harder and easy things easy. You 
shouldn't expect the same experience as a module developer looking for a 
project might implement some esoteric checkbox as you should as a normal 
admin user trying to ad images to your nodes. Lets assume the modyule 
developer will know how to change the "flag" or the "number of 
installations" cut off or just search for the thing. -mf

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