[development] re CVS requirements

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Wed Oct 28 19:45:12 UTC 2009

Michael Favia wrote:

> In the past the stronger parts of the development community have been 
> small enough and tight-knit enough to collaborate in IRC and through 
> this list. As drupal grows and our interests and backgrounds diverge, 
> this just isnt the case anymore. I agree we should allow people to 
> contribute these modules no matter how trivial or poorly written. 
> These modules would serve as a place to begin cooporative efforts and 
> provide all the mechanisms we would be reinventing in a GDO group or 
> elsewhere (issue lists, releases, VCS, etc).
Maybe there needs to be a project/Modules/development that's arranged 
sort of the same, until the module is ready for beta (dev)?

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