[development] Accommodating a second base_url

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 29 23:09:58 UTC 2009

Depending on the server setup you could just use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] 
to figure out your $base_url. You can even do it in settings.php. It 
does depend on if your sites use www. or not, or even allows both www. 
and not. You could use a little PHP logic in settings.php to figure out 
exactly what the HTTP_HOST should be (stripos, strstr, switch case, etc) 
and then define a constant for it (say CURRENT_SITE), then in your 
page.tpl.php file a little PHP magic:

<duv id="banner" style="background-image:url(images/<?php echo ( 
CURRENT_SITE=='example.com')?'site1header.jpg':'site2header.jpg'; ?>)">

That way CURRENT_SITE wouldn't matter if you have www.example.com or 
example.com. Of course you would set your base_url off of which ever 
they are coming from.

That would work for most server setups (I've been doing something 
similar on a pretty big site for over a year now). The only real time 
you run into problems is on some proxy front ends.

Jamie Holly

Jeff Greenberg wrote:
> I'm working on a site that can be invoked via two different url's 
> (mapped to the same directory). The requested url will dictate what top 
> banner the site uses. Also, because there are likely many places in the 
> site that $base_url is used, and the url appearing throughout the 
> session should be that which was initially used, I will need to alter 
> $base_url.
> So, I'm thinking I should just hook_init, and based on the http request, 
> alter $base_url if needed, and do a variable_set that I later retrieve 
> in the theme to alter (or not) the background-image used as the top 
> banner. Is this the best approach?
> Jeff

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