[development] How to reuse uploaded files

John Fiala jcfiala at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 14:39:45 UTC 2009

Hey there, Gaston.  (I aplogize for not spelling your name quite
right, but I'm not sure how to produce that o with my keyboard.)

Basically, once a file is uploaded, it exists in the files directory -
so if you know the name, you can fairly easily use it (as in an image
tag) anywhere you like.

As for associating that file with another node, that I'm not as
familiar with off of the top of my head.

(Indeed, for re-using image files, I've tended to use an image node,
which consists of a simple node with an imagefield, and then using
nodereference to associate it with various nodes.)

2009/9/12 Gastón Pablo Pérez <gpperez at gmail.com>:
> Hi everybody!
> I'm using the upload module to upload files into the Drupal nodes. The
> question is, how can I reuse the files uploaded in a particular node in
> other nodes? Exists a module to do this?
> thanks
> Gastón Pablo Perez
> Email:gpperez at gmail.com

John Fiala

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