[development] How to reuse uploaded files

Ken Winters kwinters at coalmarch.com
Sun Sep 13 16:35:19 UTC 2009

Unfortunately file management is one of the big weaknesses in Drupal 6, 
and I've never
found a solution that I really liked.  There are a lot of efforts toward 
improving that in D7
(the Media project, and assorted core file handling improvements) but 
for now there are
only half-measures.

John's suggestion is one of the reasonable methods, and IMCE plus 
TinyMCE is the common
way to manage embedded images.

- Ken Winters

John Fiala wrote:
> Hey there, Gaston.  (I aplogize for not spelling your name quite
> right, but I'm not sure how to produce that o with my keyboard.)
> Basically, once a file is uploaded, it exists in the files directory -
> so if you know the name, you can fairly easily use it (as in an image
> tag) anywhere you like.
> As for associating that file with another node, that I'm not as
> familiar with off of the top of my head.
> (Indeed, for re-using image files, I've tended to use an image node,
> which consists of a simple node with an imagefield, and then using
> nodereference to associate it with various nodes.)
> 2009/9/12 Gastón Pablo Pérez <gpperez at gmail.com>:
>> Hi everybody!
>> I'm using the upload module to upload files into the Drupal nodes. The
>> question is, how can I reuse the files uploaded in a particular node in
>> other nodes? Exists a module to do this?
>> thanks
>> Gastón Pablo Perez
>> Email:gpperez at gmail.com
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