[development] Why I don't Upload a Module to Drupal

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Mon Sep 14 02:16:50 UTC 2009

Michelle Cox wrote:

> I've spent hundreds of hours on my modules. It's mostly satisfying and 
> I enjoy making something that other people use. But there are days 
> when I wonder why I'm giving all my time away for free. When folks 
> come around and demand that I give even more for free, I can have a 
> pretty short fuse. LOL
> Michelle
Hi Michelle, I certainly value your time and work...I've mentioned that 
before (baalwww). Here's my two cents based on over 30 years of software 
development in all types of roles: there will always be camps on 
everything! There are camps as to which hardware should be used, which 
programming language, which architecture, which cms, and, as I've seen 
here more and more, the same when it comes to the thought of whether 
apps should be provided for free or whether someone's time should be 
compensated (let alone, compensated profitably or beyond). My feeling: 
if ALL my work is to be for the greater good, then someone needs to 
start paying for the things that aren't provided to me out of the 
greater good, like my mortgage, gasoline, food...

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