[development] Why I don't Upload a Module to Drupal

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Mon Sep 14 03:04:01 UTC 2009

I don't think there's anything wrong with free, or with people making 
code available if they wish. I tend to draw the line, in my own head, 
when people begin to treat it as compulsory. Donating time is a 
donation. Seems simple, but I think that's beyond a lot of folks. Like 
any donation, it's up to each person what they feel they can 'afford' to 
donate, and not up to the people receiving the donation to tell them 
it's insufficient.

Bryan Ollendyke wrote:

> This is also a complaint running about developing for a project that 
> has 100's of thousands of hours put in by a completely distributed 
> group of people.  Think of the amount of time the core group has put 
> in over the years to get it where it is now that all of us can 
> download it and have it up.  8 years of work and learning from those 
> experiences for us all to snap up and build on the shoulders of giants 
> in a few clicks.  I always think of it in those terms and then me 
> giving away 100 hours (about 400 in the last two projects :p) doesn't 
> seem as big a deal.  I do share a similar short fuse when it comes to 
> requests on that code.  I think at the very least getting your code 
> out there helps everyone, improves your visibility (which helps you) 
> and isn't going to do anyone else any good sitting locked up in the 
> basement as a custom made, unpublished module.  I buy in too much to 
> the culture of free though I guess :p
> btopro

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