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Dayton Perkins perkinsd at chartermi.net
Thu Sep 24 13:01:19 UTC 2009

Thanks, Earnie. Although pretty new to it, I am dedicated to Drupal. I
actually already wrote JavaScript as I felt a list would be better than
using autocomplete.
Can you clue me quickly as to adding the tab to /user? I have no problem
creating the form as I have done this a few times. 

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Quoting Dayton Perkins <perkinsd at chartermi.net>:

> If the whole thing should be tossed, and go with multi-step submissions,
> please point me the right way on that.

Sounds like you're on the correct track. You want to study the following:


-- http://r-feed.com/           -- http://for-my-kids.com/
-- http://www.4offer.biz/       -- http://give-me-an-offer.com/

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