[development] Advice about "transactional" login for Kiosk

Matt Chapman matt at ninjitsuweb.com
Wed Apr 14 00:07:30 UTC 2010

How about adding a form submit handler to every form (except the log-in
form) that calls user_logout() ?

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On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Randy Fay <randy at randyfay.com> wrote:

> Hi - I'm working on a library system and adding a "kiosk mode" (possibly
> using the Kiosk module <http://drupal.org/project/kiosk>)
>    1. The site essentially presents the same information whether a user is
>    logged in or anonymous.
>    2. The Drupal site uses a custom authentication plugin; authentication
>    is actually done on the remote backend library server
>    3. A regular user logged in over the internet to a normal Drupal
>    account can do things like request books, check account, etc, using Drupal
>    the way it normally works.
>    4. A kiosk user (probably anon user) can do things that require
>    authentication, but it must be a one-time authentication to the back-end
>    server. We're calling it "transactional authentication". Basically, they'll
>    never do a Drupal login, but when they want to do something that requires
>    authentication, they'll provide their library number and password for one
>    specific transaction (like requesting a book).
> I'd sure appreciate your suggestions about how best to do the
> "transactional authentication" part. It's pretty easy to start hacking at,
> but perhaps someone can suggest an elegant approach to this.
> Thanks,
> -Randy
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