[development] D6 Content Migration to another D6 Installation

Marty Landman mlandman at face2interface.com
Wed Aug 11 21:47:00 UTC 2010

At 05:15 PM 8/11/2010, Phil Glanville wrote:

>We are struggling here with Drupal migration. We have two 
>installations and would like to migrate *all* content (nodes and 
>uploaded images) from one to the other. Just content not settings. 
>Both installs have the same Modules present.

What I did for a site was write a simple program to create a CSV 
file, but then the migration was from d5 to d6 with the content types 
massively changed. For the images it was just a matter of a really 
big FTP transfer, which I did from a putty session to get the best 
bandwidth possible.


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