[development] D7 side effect

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 8 13:40:44 UTC 2010

nan wich wrote:
> Sam, I have a tendency to agree with you on the number of tables. I've kind of 
> gotten used to it, but I sued to look at the database and say, "OMG, 125 
> tables?" That's one of the drawbacks to normalizing. The idea is that it 
> allegedly ends up decreasing the count, I find that, in practice, it usually 
> does not. In the olden days, before databases (now called NoSql), one could 
> create a file with many different record layouts in it and still understand what 
> one was working with. Just think of it as DBA job security.

Normalized data, yes, that is the way to go, one place to update one
piece of information instead of hunt and find to change multiple pieces
of the same information.  Create a view to join the pieces together for
the human reader.  At least it isn't SAP where the business object code
is stored in the database requiring an SAP provided editor to write ABAP
(an SAP created language based on SQL).

As was stated already, the number of tables in the DB isn't the measure
of a performance issue.  Someone claiming that it is just means they do
not have an understanding of how to measure performance.

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