[development] Need IE / Drupal Help on Drop-Down Menus Falling Behind Images

Carl Wiedemann carl.wiedemann at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 18:47:43 UTC 2010

Try experimenting with the position property and z-index property of the
containers #header and #main.

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 10:39 AM, Kate Pojeta <kp at lansingit.com> wrote:

> We have a site that, on IE 7 and 8, the drop down menus continue to fall
> behind the rotating front page image despite numerous attempted fixes. It
> doesn't seem to happen on ALL computers though from what we can tell.  We
> are looking to find someone that can resolve this issue. Adjusting the
> z-index has not resolved it completely.
> Site: http://cleary.edu
> If you are experienced in this and available to assist, please send us an
> email at:
> support at lansingit.com
> Provide your name, email, phone number, as well as your estimated time to
> fix the issue and your desired hourly rate. If you have worked with this
> type of problem before, please also let us know that as well.
> Thank you,
> Kate Pojeta
> Lansing iT
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