[development] New core patch provider list coming, update your profiles

Greg Knaddison Greg at GrowingVentureSolutions.com
Tue Dec 21 17:16:28 UTC 2010

Howdy folks,

I've got new data nearly ready to release to show which people
provided the most patches for Drupal 7 core.

I'm preparing it in anticipation of a release and, like the last few
times I've done this, it would be neat to show the companies
affiliated with the individuals doing the work. Fortunately,
drupal.org now provides a profile field for your "Current company or

** So please go to http://drupal.org/user click Edit, click Work, and
fill in the field for Current company or organization:"

I recognize that your "Current" company may not be the one that funded
your work or that maybe nobody funded your work even if you were/are
working for great companies. This isn't meant to be exact and the
results may not even be used. It's just interesting data, ok :)

The last version of this data is from December 2009 at
http://growvs.com/n/760 where you can also see links to previous
versions of the report. I'll be publishing this round of the data on
http://growvs.com/blog in the next few days.


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