[development] The age-old modues admin question

nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 27 20:45:25 UTC 2010

The reason why I don't want to install anything is because my contract expires 
on Friday. That limits installation and learning time.

On none of the sites do I use Aggregator on my copy. And on the most 
eggregiously slow site, I am not using Update either. At this point, I am going 
to bet on a) severly slow laptop, b) Symantec virus scanning.

BTW, on the production version of this site, the modules admin page loads in 
just under one second. I know that server is much faster, quad-core, and doesn't 
run virus scans the same way (if at all). And it is virtualized Ubuntu Linux.
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I experienced similar slowness with Drupal trying to access remote
contents (eg. updates check - rss updating) while running my dev site
in a very slow network or in a firewalled/proxied network. You might
want to disable automatic update checks.

Personally, I couldn't work for a company which wouldn't let me
install what I want on my work PC, expecially if that would mean using
Windows every day.

On 12/27/2010 05:14 AM, nan wich wrote:
> "Executed 908 queries in 276.55 milliseconds. Queries taking longer
> than 5 ms and queries executed more than once, are highlighted. Page
> execution time was 86939.86 ms."
> While the query count is enormous, Devel is kind of pointing the
> finger at PHP. This is not the fastest laptop available (but it was
> supplied by the company). Is there anything that can be done to speed
> this up? If I update anything on the page, we're talking a three
> minute round-trip here; my memory is not that long.
> /*Nancy*/
> Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -- Dr. Martin L.
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