[development] Consulting about file permissions by role

Peter Droogmans Peter at attiks.com
Mon Feb 15 20:53:06 UTC 2010


You can also use cck permission, it’s part of the cck package. Define three fields and assign permissions accordingly


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Content access + acl + private upload will achieve this.


On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 11:08:30 -0300, Gastón Pablo Pérez <gpperez at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi list!

I have a site in Drupal 6 and i need a construct a page in which i will put 3 different files, in my site 3 different types of users are going to log, and they will have a particular different role, i need to provide the permissions to each role to download a particular file from this page and no other file, each role can download only its file.

so, with which module will be able to do this?

thanks in advance

Gastón Pablo Perez
Email: gpperez at gmail.com<mailto:gpperez at gmail.com>
Web: http://cv.gpperez.com.ar

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