[development] Force admin login

Tomáš Fülöpp (vacilando.org) tomi at vacilando.org
Wed Feb 24 00:25:43 UTC 2010


Is there a backdoor way to force admin login if everything fails? Something
like the way $update_free_access is changed to TRUE to allow running

A client got locked out of D6.15 completely, including admin. Login seems to
work (I see admin only links on logon), cookies are set, but only on the
initial page.... any subsequent click is treated as done by an anonymous
user (checked the watchdog this way). I've cleared all browser caches,
Drupal caches via the db, also the Drupal sessions table, checked the cookie
domain, the admin user record exists in the user table, etc. in
settings.php, deleted and re-uploaded D6.15. Nothing in the php logs.
Nothing unusual in watchdog - just access denied by anonymous... Spent an
equivalent of a day on this but I know there is a ton of things I can still
try - e.g. rebuild access rights. But I do need to log in first, only by
myself. So... is there a way to force admin login? Cannot find this info


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