[development] Deploying content from master site to subsites

Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 1 00:22:24 UTC 2010

Domenic Santangelo wrote:
> learn that criticism of an idea isn't the same as a personal insult
> I was saying that a solution such as yours would be more appropriate than
My apologies for misunderstanding and overreacting. My only defense is a
concussion a couple of days ago from not knowing how to walk in New England
winters. :-(

> overengineering ... much better place if we called each other out on it
more often
I have to agree with you on that point. Some of the solutions I see people
post in the forums sound like they were proposed by Rube Goldberg (is anyone
else old enough to remember him).

Nancy E. Wichmann, PMP 
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -- Dr. Martin L. King,

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