[development] 'old' core 6 & new 7, working together..?

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Sun Jan 3 21:33:23 UTC 2010


To my opinion, the imminent release of the 7 core might better be delayed.

Untill today, many mods for 5 and even 4, are not available for the 6 version.

And there are several mods that are neccesary on some websites, so in some cases one better doesn't migrate to 6 (or even not from 5 in fewer cases).

Do I propose waiting untill maybe all the mods are available for 6?
No; that would not change anything to the fact, that it will take many years before almost all interesting mods are programmed for core 7.

What I propose is a bridge, cloud, integration of TWO cores; the 6 and 7 core:
Two installations (might be on another server too).

Waste of time that better can be used programming core 7 mods...?

Maybe, but that bridge_cloud could serve also for 7 to the future 8, bridging and clouding the same Drupal versions, Mediawiki and many other programs.

Especially when its written like:
1) a very broad multifunctional adapter,
2) with additional the 6 to 7 bridge
3) and many other specific bridges to make for other programs.

I'm not a programmer except for a blue monday and not familiar with internal details of how Drupal works. So there probably are many hughe problems to resolve to get something like this done.

1) a General Bridge-Cloud-Adapter for core 7?
2) then a 6_to_7_Bridge working with GBCA?
3) then other bridges working with GBCA, like Mediawiki, etc.?

If this is practically possible, my opinion is that first the core 7 software should be revised thoroughly to make this core perfect for such external connections/communications/integration...

Related question: Doesn't there exist a uniform protocol how different programs can integrate? If so; the core better should already be build according to these characteristics. If not, maybe some developers can form a broad based group to get such a protocol into practice?


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