[development] Send Contents of new node by email (2nd attempt)

Steven Jones steven.jones at computerminds.co.uk
Thu Jan 28 09:35:11 UTC 2010

You could use the rules module, in a fairly complex way:

Add you email sending rule as a new rule set.
Enable the rules scheduler component, and set it so that 30 seconds
after a new node is created the rule set is called with the node
inserted. This might work, is probably over-complicated, you won't
like the UI, but it's very flexible.

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2010/1/28 Ernst Plüss <ernst.pluess at gmail.com>:
> Hi Drupalfriends
> How can I send the contents of a node by email after it has been created?
> I installed the print module and tired to call their methods from
> hook_nodeapi up on $op=='instert'. But it turned out that at this point not
> all node information is saved, which causes a lot of funny side effects
> (access control, strange messages on screen, etc).
> The best thing I found is to have a hidden iframe, when the contents is
> shown after the user hits send. The link of the iframe would call a call
> back url which triggers the mail functionality. But I'm not really happy
> with this solution.
> Any ideas are welcome?
> Best Regards
> Ernst

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