[development] Send Contents of new node by email (2nd attempt)

Klaus Purer klaus.purer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 15:59:46 UTC 2010


On 28/01/10 11:02, Ernst Plüss wrote:
> I need a solution which sends the email right after the node has been
> created (30-60 Seconds delay would be ok).
> I had a quick look at the rules scheduler code. Unfortunately it's not a
> real timer solution. It just wirtes a record to the db. The next time cron
> is run all sceduled rule sets which have expired are executed. I think it's
> not a good idea to call cron every 60 Seconds.

You can do it with the rules module, but you won't need rules scheduler.
Just use the event "After saving new content" and the action "Send a
mail to an arbitrary mail address".

If you have installed the token module, you can use token placeholders
in the mail text, like content author or other properties of the content.

Klaus Purer
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