[development] RSS Feed referencing a userreference as the item author

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Fri Jul 9 20:45:03 UTC 2010

I have a bit of a problem with something I am trying to implement on a 
client site, and I was hoping someone would be able to suggest a decent 
way of implementing this.

The site is a magazine / news site. The site has articles held in an 
'article' content type, where the article authors are held in a 
multi-value userreference field. The actual node author is the editor 
who created the content on the site.

Now we are trying to set up RSS feeds for the information, and the fact 
that we are storing authors in a userreference field is a bit of a 
stumbling block. We currently are trying to work a solution with 
views_rss (http://www.drupal.org/project/views_rss), but it looks like 
it doesn't handle userreference fields at all.

Has anyone tried to do this before? What's the best way to get it done?

If absolutely necessary, I could create a page callback to generate the 
RSS manually, however, there are probably 10-15 different feeds this 
would need to be done for.

I appreciate any and all comments.


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