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I think a blocked issue status would be helpful, especially if the ability to build block relationships was available.  This would allow for the display of all blocking and blocked by issues to be listed for each issue.

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On 2010-06-03, at 5:49 PM, Randy Fay wrote:

> Here's a question for the group:
> The "postponed" issue status, per http://drupal.org/node/156119, seems to be either:
> "We plan (maybe) to work on this later"
> or
> "We can't work on this yet because it's blocked by another issue"
> To demonstrate this ambiguity, a search of "open issues" does include "postponed". However, the "D7 critical issues" search does *not* include postponed issues.
> Further, the "templates for issue transitions" page (mostlly oriented toward module maintainers) clearly takes the former "maybe we'll work on this later" attitude.
> My questions:
> 1. Which of these interpretations of "postponed" is "correct"?
> 2. Should we add a "blocked" status that is quite clear?
> -Randy
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