[development] The "postponed" issue status

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Thu Jun 3 21:49:10 UTC 2010

Here's a question for the group:

The "postponed" issue status, per http://drupal.org/node/156119, seems to be

"We plan (maybe) to work on this later"


"We can't work on this yet because it's blocked by another issue"

To demonstrate this ambiguity, a search of "open
does include "postponed". However, the "D7 critical
search does *not* include postponed issues.

Further, the "templates for issue transitions<http://drupal.org/node/467548>"
page (mostlly oriented toward module maintainers) clearly takes the former
"maybe we'll work on this later" attitude.

My questions:

1. Which of these interpretations of "postponed" is "correct"?
2. Should we add a "blocked" status that is quite clear?


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